At the Jackson Western Store, we take delight in supplying an intensive choice of straw cowboy hats for men and women that are ideal for summer western fashion but flexible enough to be enjoyed twelve months round the year. Nestled in the heart of Grand Rapids, Michigan, our display house boasts the most important selection of straw cowboy hats inside the area. We cater to every price range and life-style, making sure that each cowboy and cowgirl can locate the ideal hat to suit their needs.

Classic Western Appeal

Straw cowboy hats are a staple of western apparel, loved for its lightweight and sturdy nature. They provide remarkable air flow, making them perfect for the hot summer days, while nonetheless offering the classic western appearance that is by no means going out of favor. At the Jackson Western Store, we know well the significance of quality and craftsmanship, that's why we source our straw cowboy hats from renowned manufacturers like Resistol, Stetson, Bullhide Hat Co., Outback Trading Company, Ariat, and Charlie One Horse.

Functionality and Style

One of the standout features of our straw cowboy hats is their ability to mix functionality with style. Whether you're operating on the ranch, attending a rodeo, or genuinely taking part in an afternoon outdoors, these are straw cowboy hats designed to preserve your coolness and comfort. The huge brims provide ample color while protecting your face and neck from the sun, even as the breathable straw creation ensures you stay cool even in the hottest of weathers.

Diverse Designs

Our series consists of straw cowboy hats with numerous crown shapes and brim styles, catering to tastes and preferences outside the ordinary. From the traditional cattleman crown to the more current brick crown, each hat gives a unique look even while retaining their indispensable Western attraction. The variation in brim widths additionally lets you select a hat that offers the level of sun protection and style you desire.

For people who would like a touch of flair, many of our straw cowboy hats are embellished with decorative bands and unique gildings. These artworks give a personal touch to your hat, allowing you to blend your individual style whilst still embracing the western lifestyle. Some straw cowboy hats feature leather-based bands, conchos, and maybe colorful beading, adding your personality to it and making your hat stand out from the gang.

Branded Hats: The Assurance of Quality

At the Jackson Western Store, we bear in mind the finest characteristics of a straw cowboy hat. That's why we provide hats from well-known manufacturers acknowledged for their top-notch craftsmanship and with an inclination to detail. Resistol and Stetson are iconic names in Western wear, with an extended record of producing outstanding hats that are both stylish and strong. Bullhide Hat Co. is another reliable company that presents many straw cowboy hats that integrate traditional Western aesthetics with modern-day designs.

For the ones trying to find something truly unique, our collection consists of hats from Outback Trading Company, Ariat, and Charlie One Horse. These manufacturers are recognized for their revolutionary designs and determination to create exceptional ones. They ensure that every hat is made to last a long time. Whether you're looking for a conventional straw hat or something with a bit more character, you may truly locate it in our extensive collection.

Versatile Functionality

You can wear straw cowboy hats to a number of events. From heading to a country music competition and taking part in a rodeo to simply spending a day out in the countryside, these hats offer the right mixture of style and function. They are also a great accessory for equestrian activities. They supply riders a snug and fashionable choice that enhances their western apparel.

Cultural Symbolism

In addition to their practical benefits, straw cowboy hats immediately bring to mind the image of Western heritage and way of life. Wearing such hats is a way of saluting the rich history of the American West. It is a way to celebrate the spirit of independence, adventure, and rugged individualism that defines cowboy subculture. At the Jackson Western Store, we are proud to provide hats that embody these values. These straw cowboy hats allow you to carry a bit of western lifestyle with you wherever you go.

Finding the Perfect Fit

When choosing a straw cowboy hat, do not ignore the fit of the hat. A hat well-seated on the head not only looks better but also gives a greater snug feeling. At the Jackson Western Store, we provide various sizes to make certain that you find the best suit. Our experts can also offer tips on a way to nicely degree your head and select a hat that suits simply right.

Uncompromising Quality

Another crucial aspect to keep in mind is the premium quality of the straw. Our hats are crafted from top-quality materials that are designed to resist the trials of everyday wear. Our straw cowboy hats will surely work for you, be it while working at the ranch or having a great day outdoors.

Customization for Individuality

For those who are highly individualistic, you can opt for customization. Many of our hats may be shaped and styled to your liking. Our experts can help you form the brim and crown to create a glance that is uniquely yours. This customized touch provides another layer of individuality for your straw cowboy hat, making sure that it simply displays your style and character.

For All Budgets

We do believe that a cowboy hat is an investment and that is why we provide hats at a variety of price points. You could be looking for a low-priced option for everyday use or a high-end straw cowboy hat for unique occasions; you will discover something that fits your budget at our store. Our dedication to quality means that even our least expensive hats are made to last, providing awesome value for your cash.

Jackson Western Store is passionate about Western wear and the lifestyle it represents. Our collection of straw cowboy hats is a confirmation to our dedication to high-quality, fashion, and subculture. We invite you to visit our shop and discover our significant selection of hats. Whether you're a pro cowboy or a newcomer to Western attire, you may find something to like at Jackson's.

For those new to Western attire, choosing the right straw cowboy hat can be fun and satisfying experience. Our experts at Jackson Western will help you discover the right match and fashion. Whether you select a conventional appearance or something that is more in line with today’s trends, we have an extensive selection that you can browse to find a hat that suits your needs.

In conclusion, Jackson's Western Store is your one-stop shopping spot for high-quality straw cowboy hats. Based in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area, our massive selection is available online. Our mix of dedication to quality and customer service guarantees that you'll locate the best hat to fit your needs. With top brands like Resistol, Stetson, Bullhide Hat Co., Outback Trading Company, Ariat, and Charlie One Horse, you can be confident that you're getting the best in straw cowboy hats available. Visit us soon and discover the proper hat to complement your Western wardrobe.


Q1: What sizes do the straw cowboy hats come in?

A1: Our straw cowboy hats are available in a wide range of sizes to ensure a perfect fit for everyone. Please refer to our size chart on each product page for specific measurements.

Q2: How do I measure my head for the correct hat size?

A2: To measure your head, use a soft measuring tape. Place it around your head, just above your ears and across your forehead, where the hat will sit. Note the circumference in inches or centimeters and refer to our size chart to find your perfect fit.

Q3: What brands of straw cowboy hats do you carry?

A3: We carry top brands such as Resistol, Stetson, Bullhide Hat Co., Outback Trading Company, Ariat, and Charlie One Horse, ensuring high quality and a variety of styles.

Q4: Are your straw cowboy hats suitable for both men and women?

A4: Yes, our collection includes straw cowboy hats designed for both men and women. Many styles are unisex, offering a perfect blend of functionality and fashion for everyone.

Q5: Can the hats be shaped or customized?

A5: Yes, many of our straw cowboy hats can be shaped to your preference. Some customization options may be available. Please contact our customer service team for more details on customization services.

Q6: How do I care for and clean my straw cowboy hat?

A6: To care for your straw cowboy hat, avoid exposure to excessive moisture. Clean it by gently brushing off dirt with a soft brush or wiping with a damp cloth. Store it in a cool, dry place to maintain its shape.