Should You Invest in a Pair of Ariat Square Toe Boots?

Posted by Jackson's Western Store on Dec 23rd 2021

When you are shopping for a pair of cowboy boots, the entire process can often be exhausting and overwhelming. This is because there are countless features and other such points that you need to closely consider, like the brand, materials, purposes, durability, shapes, toe room, waterproof qualities, and so much more.

Fortunately, we are here to make your western boots selection process a bit easier. One of the industry-leading brands that you can trust to provide you with high-quality cowboy boots is Ariat.

Ariat began its journey in the Western apparel and sportswear industry in 1993. While that might not seem very long, what they lack in years they make up for in quality products. Since 1993, they have quickly risen to become one of the most respected and reliable brands in their industry.

They are now well-known for their horseback riding boots, but also their footwear overall. This includes their highly sought-after cowboy boots. The Ariat square toe boots, in particular, are boots of extreme merit, as their popularity has really exploded in recent years.

But should you invest in a pair of Ariat square toe boots? We think so-- and here is why.

High-Quality Materials
As is the case with any cowboy boots, wearers require a pair that is made of the highest quality of materials so that they will last a long time and withstand various conditions. Fortunately, the square toe boots from Ariat are only made of such materials.

They have high-quality leather and advanced footbed technology (more on that later). They even have an EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) midsole, which provides unparalleled cushion and evenly distributes weight. Because of their materials, every part of these boots is made to perfection, providing you with a pair that you can trust for years to come.

Great for All-Day Work
The Ariat square toe boots are made for dependability during outdoor work. While pointed-toe cowboy boots are ideal for horseback riding to efficiently get feet into stirrups, the round toe isn’t the best for horseback riding.

Instead, square toe boots are one of the best choices for tough jobs, especially ranch work, because they have the added advantage of wider toe boxes that provide comfort for hours on end.

Are you working in mud, dirt, rain, snow, or other worrisome conditions? You can rest easy because the Ariat square toe boots have Waterproof Pro™ technology so that you are troubled less with the longevity of your boots and can focus more on the work at hand.

Plus, these boots have certain features for those who need them to best protect them while working. Ariat has both steel toe and composite toe options for this particular style of boots to drastically increase your safety.

And Great for Leisure, Too
Not only are these boots practical for when you’re working, but they’re also perfect for dancing or simply when you’re running errands. These boots were made to provide your feet with not only long-lasting comfort and durability but also an exceptional fashionable element.

These boots have original artistic stitching and threading that provide each pair with enamoring features. Plus, they’re cowboy boots-- and we all know just how aesthetically pleasing they are in general!

Optimal Comfort
While style and durability are extremely important for any pair of footwear, you still need to closely consider your comfort. Your feet carry your weight around all day, and even more so if you are a laborer. Therefore, they need to be as comfortable as possible for hours on end.

Fortunately, the square toe boots from Ariat are carefully tailored with comfort in mind, too. They have a wider toe box and even use ATS® technology. Plus, they have that EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) midsole, which we briefly mentioned earlier.

Wider Toe Box
Let’s face it: when we wear pointed cowboy boots, our toes’ discomfort grows and exasperates fast. That is precisely why these boots have a significantly wider toe box, which is the area where your toes lay in your boots.

These wider toe boxes provide the wearer with incredible comfort and space between the confines of the boots’ walls and their wearer’s toes. No more cramped or squeezed toes here.

ATS® (Advanced Torque Stability) Technology

Ariat uses their own unique technology in these boots: the ATS®, or Advanced Torque Stability, Technology. ATS® is an ergonomic, lightweight sole that has multiple layers to it along with a gel-cushioned footbed and heel stabilizer.

These soles provide the wearer with all-day comfort, can reduce fatigue, and can even improve posture. They are also moisture-wicking, temperature-regulating, and provide excellent odor resistance.

EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) Midsole
As mentioned previously, these boots also have EVA midsoles, which provide extra cushion and properly distribute weight. Not only that, but these midsoles are exceptionally lightweight, but miraculously provide your feet, especially your arches, with the support they need from footwear.

Three Styles of Square Toe
Ariat square toe boots come in the following three styles: D toe, square toe, and wide square toe.

D toe boots have a slightly more pointed style to them but have tapered-off tips. The square toe, which is the standard style, is the most ideal option for workboots. Finally, the wide square toe boots have even wider toe boxes for those who need even more room in their boots for their toes.

Great for Men and Women
Ariat has not excluded anyone with their square toe boots. They have high-quality western boots with square toes for both men and women so that everyone can reap the benefits of these practical, comfortable, and even stylish boots.

Now that you know the benefits of getting Ariat square toe boots, then you should definitely equip yourself with your very own pair! These durable and long-lasting boots will provide you with what you need, both on and off the ranch. Be sure to check out our Ariat boots and find the perfect pair for you!