When you are looking for the highest-quality, comfortable, and practical western boots on the market today, you can bet your bottom dollar that Ariat will undoubtedly supply you with what you both require and desire. 

Every inch of Ariat’s cowboy boots, for both men and women, are made of the most quality materials. The leather that is used and even the EVA midsoles are made for durability and comfort, from a day out on the town to twelve-hour workdays on the ranch. 

Not only are they reliable and strong through and through, they even boast artistic stitching and threading so that they look good, too. 

Here at Jackson's Western Store, we proudly offer all of our customers the finest products, including the cowboy boots from Ariat. We also make a point of carrying one of their most sought-after products: the Ariat square toe boots

Their square toe boots are highly recommended for a few reasons: 

  • Increased comfortability, as they have a wider toe box
  • Ideal for long work hours for both stability and comfort
  • Offer a more “chiseled” look that many people prefer
  • Have advanced footbed technologies, such as ATS® (Advanced Torque Stability), which promotes improved posture and reduces fatigue 

There are three particular styles for Ariat square toe boots: D-toe, standard square toe, and wide square toe. The D-toe boots look somewhat pointy with tapered-off tips. The standard square toe boots are ideal work boots, as they have wide toe boxes and flat ends. Lastly, the wide square toe boots provide ample wiggle room for toes, as their toe boxes are wider than the standards’. 

Not only do we have these enviable square toe boots from Ariat, but we also have several other products from the beloved company, such as plaid Western shirts, fitted button-downs, T-shirts, jeans, hoodies, and plenty of other enamoring, comfortable, and quality garments. 

Have any questions about Ariat square toe boots or any other offerings? Give us a call at (269) 792 2550.